How to Prepare a Property For a Flood

The key prospect of a flood is one that can cause fear for personal safety and the tension of harm to the personal possessions. Well, it is obviously unpredictable when a flood will occur and where will it take place? The better solution to such an issue is to stay aware and organised in advance for putting the plans into place while a disaster like this happens.It is not necessary that the people and houses located near the seaside or coasts are affected by the flood. Therefore, every household should know very well about their role in the personalised flood plan. Also, you can consider preparing yourself in advance with the well-constructed flood barriers that are capable to stop the flood water enter your house.There are a lot of things that are to be considered in order to prepare your property for the flood. Let us discuss below each of those important things:

Create a general contact list and identify key locationsAll this basically requires efforts of a group of people and therefore, considers collaborating with the nearby people to create a list of vital services that may help the needful during the floods in any manner. The list should be detailed including the type of service, the company name, contact number and a contact name if possible. Numbers can be stored on mobile devices but hardcopy backup is always required in the event of a power failure or batteries went off. The list you create should include the contact details of:

Environment agency flood line

Electricity provider

Gas provider

Water company

Telephone provider

Local councils

Local radio station and wavelength

Travel and weather information

Beyond all this, the surprising fact is that a lot of people do not even know from where to turn off their utilities at the mains. Describe in detail or through drawings, the location of the service cut-off for electricity, gas and water. Also having a personal contact in an emergency means someone close to you should know where you are and what you’re planning to do. In that list also add the numbers of these contacts and also how they can help such as being able to offer emergency consultation.Immediate actions to takeThere may not be any reports of flooding in the area, but preparing yourself in advance is always beneficial. Being organised and planned means you can act swiftly at the times when a disaster like this happens. There are many tasks, the details of which could be added to the flood plan. Make sure that you put all important documents out of the flood risk and properly in a polythene covering. These important documents should include passports, birth certificates, house deeds, identity proofs and important photographs etc.

How to restrict flood water entering your property?There are ‘n’ numbers of ways you can protect ingress points. There’s need to search for a way that is easily accessible and could be put into place quickly. Delegate authority to a person or two from your group who will be implementing this and if these people are physically able then the products like effective flood barriers that are lightweight to put into place quickly.